Extreme Bingo

Extreme Bingo

Extreme Bingo brings together 2 favorite games.  Name that tune (or name that video, or name that picture, etc) and Bingo which come together as an extremely fun round of Music Bingo.


  • 80s music
  • 90s Jams
  • 50s, 60s, & 70s Classics
  • Motown Sounds & Party Favorites
  • Rodeo Bingo (Country music)
  • Hollywood Favorites (music from the Movies)
  • Millennium Classics (the 2000s)
  • One hit Wonders
  • Bar Anthems
  • Say My Name (all songs contain a name)
  • Around the World (all songs relate to a location)
  • Love songs (all songs have the word “Love” in the title)
  • World of colors (all songs have a color in the title)
  • Make specialty rounds for younger audiences – our Kids Star and Kids Beat games cover all of today’s hits, and are perfect for any party!


“I did Extreme Bingo at a Golf Course over 55 community. They were so receptive to it and were singing loudly and dancing. At one point when doing music bingo Hot Hot Hot played and half the audience got up and formed a Conga Line around the room. I had to pause it so they wouldn’t miss the next song”

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